SETT Company Limited

SETT Company Ltd.
183/24-25 Moo 4, Trirat Rd.
T. Chantanimit,  A. Muang
Chanthaburi,  22000

บริษัท เอส อี ที ที จำกัด
183/24-25 หมู่ที่ 4  ถนน ตรีรัตน์
ต.จันทนิมิต อ. เมือง
จันทบุรี 22000

Contact Information

  • Tel: 039-340503

SETT Company Information

We are a Thai-German partnership that was founded in 2003 and registered in Thailand with the Department of Commerce as SETT. Co. Ltd., registration number 0205546002849. We are also registered with Dun and Bradstreet; (registration number 66-099-7946). We specialize in the export of colored gemstones to over 120 countries worldwide through the website and have achieved steady growth for over ten years. The company is strategically based in Chanthaburi, Thailand, which is an important international center for colored gemstone trade. In fact, a large proportion of the world's colored gemstones pass through Chanthaburi on their journey to the global jewelry market. This is because Chanthaburi is home to a wealth of globally recognized gem processing experts.

Our location enables us to have constant access to a wide variety of colored gemstones and to maintain our affordable prices. We have the advantage of being able to select our products from large lots of both rough and ready-cut gemstones at trade prices before they enter the mainstream market in Bangkok and beyond. Furthermore, our experienced gemstone buyers are extremely accomplished in colored gemstone appraisal. This is why we at SETT have such an enormous inventory of colored gemstones in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts. We supply colored gems to customers such as professional fine jewelry designers, private collectors, amateur jewelry designers, individuals interested in making or replacing fine jewelry and gem traders.

Amongst other gemstone products, we specialize in the following: Rare gemstones, top grade gemstones, calibrated gemstones, matching pairs, gemstone lots, carved gemstones, gemstone beads, cabochons, cat's eye gemstones, star gemstones, multicolored gemstones and color change gemstones. Additionally, we boast an excellent selection of regional specialties, such as Burmese ruby and Ceylon sapphire. We try to keep up with current trends and have a new gemstone arrivals section that is updated almost daily.

Additional services offered include gem certification and priority gemstone delivery. Customers can request gem certification from AIGS, BGL (Burapha Gemological Lab), GIT and GIA labs, which will offer peace of mind by guaranteeing that our gemstones are natural and are sold as advertised. All items pass stringent QA and QC procedures to ensure that products supplied are reliable, reputable and reasonably priced. All items on our website are photographed and/or videoed so that the customer can gain an accurate impression of the product and see exactly what they will get. We take care to calibrate our cameras in order to allow for the unnatural brilliance of computer monitor hues, so that upon receipt, our gemstones will not appear less lustrous than the image on the screen. Furthermore, we devote time to providing extensive training to our staff, ensuring that we can take pride in offering an excellent service. Correspondingly, customer service enquiries are dealt with by technical experts, who are available to answer any customer questions and give advice on choosing the right product.

We provide protection for our customers by ensuring a secure gemstone shopping experience. All payments are taken on a secure page, which is offered via PayPal or Kasikorn Bank. We do not store customers' personal information nor allow access to this information by any third party. We are confident in the quality of our products and therefore offer a 100% risk-free, 30-day gemstone return policy, in order to resolve any customer dissatisfaction promptly and attentively.

We at SETT Company are dedicated to making the customer's experience positive, informative and convenient. Our website offers comprehensive gemstone information for this purpose. We strive to maintain and improve our high customer service standards and feel that a visit to our website offers not only value for money, but also a valuable and helpful learning experience. Therefore, we are not only concerned with sales, but aim to provide a useful resource that enables our customers and visitors to our site the opportunity for empowerment through knowledge. Moreover, our content writers are dynamic, progressive and continuously endeavour to increase their gemstone knowledge, helping to keep our readers informed, and updated with new developments and trends.

Our success is the result of our strategic location, commitment to quality, unparalleled service and expertise. Customer feedback provides evidence of this. For verification of this, please read our Gemselect reviews.

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